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Alliance Arts Festival 2023

Brian Mark received an honorable mention placement with his piece, ABRAHAM'S TEST, which was displayed from May 29 - June 2 at the Alliance Arts Festival in Spokane, Washington.

Alliance Arts Festival 2023
Alliance Arts Festival 2023

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Brian Bailey

Acrylic, latex house paint, oil pigment stick, and oil pastel on wood panel

Artist Statement: The work symbolizes vehement emotions derived from moments of testing, suffering, loss, and grief. The imagery depicted is from Genesis.

I produced the painting right before a period of crisis, loss, and the painful grief of infidelity I experienced in my previous marriage and the divorce that took place thereafter. The work has proven to be a prophetic picture of what was to come. The piece now serves as a symbol and testimony of surrender and strength through testing and supernatural resiliency given to me from the Holy Spirit to endure these unexcepted and painful circumstances. Loose and playful brushstrokes and mark making contrasted with monochromatic color schemes and figures visually weave severity, anguish, faithfulness, and hope.

We all have the propensity as humans to seek and secure comfort, but crisis solidifies the truth that we are powerless. The painting depicts Abraham sacrificing Isaac.

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