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Brian Mark Bailey, an artist of African American and Puerto Rican heritage, channels the essence of the human experience through his mixed media abstract figurations. Based within the vibrant cultural tapestry of Cleveland, Ohio, his art serves as a poignant exploration of love, friendship, family, and the sanctity of marriage. With each layer of acrylic, oil stick, oil pastel, and soft pastel on canvas and paper, he invites viewers into a world where the beauty of everyday life intertwines with the divine presence of Jesus, permeating every aspect of our existence. Through his evocative compositions, Brian reveals the extraordinary within the ordinary, transforming mundane moments into profound reflections on the interconnectedness of humanity. His work is a testament to the belief that within the rhythm of daily life lies the sacred, and that through the lens of love and compassion, we can glimpse the divine in the most unexpected places. With a masterful blend of color, form, and emotion, Brian invites us to pause, contemplate, and rediscover the profound beauty that surrounds us, reminding us that within the ebb and flow of life, there exists a transcendent Grace that binds us all.



-Honorable Mention, The Alliance Arts Festival, Spokane, Washington, USA 


Personal Exhibitions 


-“I Am Not Consumed” for The Gallery, Michelle Loufman Studios, Cleveland, Ohio, USA 


Collective Exhibitions 


-“The Groundhog Show”, Akron, Ohio, USA 


-“The 24th Robert Thurmer’s People’s Art Show”, The Galleries at CSU, Cleveland State University, Ohio 

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